Help Me Achieve A December Publishing Date! Maybe, Lol

by darkjade68

Help Me Achieve A December Publishing Date! Maybe, Lol

So I just got My 2nd Contributor For My “Chess With Agatha” Editor/Cover Artist Kickstarter Project… Ok, Ok, so it hasn’t started that strong, but with 14 Days Left, and a Whole Lot of Hope, I Think We Can Still Do This! Lol

Whether it’s $5, $10 (Which Gets you a PDF Copy of the Book), $20 (Which Gets you a Signed Copy of the Book) or More doesn’t matter… Every Little Bit Helps… And if you have Absolutely No Money, then Just Reblog This, or RT it on your Twitter… Or Post it on Your Facebook Page! I Really do think we can do it.

I’m Currently Working on The Cover Design for the Book with My Brilliant Photographer Friend Kirsty Pang, who also Helped me Design the Layout of My “I Died Once” Novella.

And I’m doing Editing Prep so that I can start work with My Editor asap!

Anything you can do to Help is Much Appreciated… I really do think this is going to be a Good/Fun Book for People to Read, and it’s the First of a Trilogy (I’ll be starting to Write the 2nd one in January, 2013).

Spread The Word! Contribute What You Can, With My Thanks!